Shanghai Hansail Marine & Offshore Design Co., Ltd. was established on March, 2005, a high technology enterprise focusing on special ships designing and providing engineering services. In 2011, Hansail was appraised as National High and New Technology Enterprise, Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Science and Technology Committee Little Giant Cultivating Enterprise, Hansail is the leader in the fields of special ships designing and engineering services in China. 

 Except the traditional business in the fields of special ships designing and engineering services, Shanghai Hansail recent mainly targeted for the fields of ocean engineering which including environmental dredging, sea mining, etc. and LNG power vessels as well. Hansail surrounded tightly to the “Energy” and “Resources” types of ship’s developing and designing, based on differential development for the ship types which using for the five industries of “Dredging, Fishing, Gas, Mining, Oil” and providing the relevant engineering services, Company’s industrial chain had extended, and successively developed the nation’s first self-elevating power grid working platform, electrically propelled all rotation crane vessel, electrically propelled river container ship, electrically propelled trawler, and the first 2500 tons hydraulic lifting system, and so on, many as the first in China, filled the domestic gaps in ship designs. In China, special type ships design, especially in private dredging vessels market, Shanghai Hansail has 70% market share and the Number One in the market segment fields of special type ships using for infrastructure, working ships, special cargo ship, economical and environmental ships.

 As fierce market competition and company’s products up-grading, in recent years, Shanghai Hansail focused on developing international markets, which including Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Latin America, etc., and also focused on ocean engineering ships designing and services for the field of ocean engineering, meanwhile, Hansail had successively established branch offices in Singapore, Indonesia, and won the bidding of LNG project in Singapore, at the present, sea mining project in Indonesia and river channel dredging project in Myanmar are under discussion with each relevant partners. 

 During the process of self-development, Shanghai Hansail attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property and cultivation of talents. Currently, Hansail owned 56 various types of patents, 3 of them are patents for invention, 46 of them are patents for utility models, and 7 of them are software copyright. At the present, Hansail has ship design Class A qualification, fishing ship design Class A qualification. Hansail gathered a lot of senior researchers and professor level senior engineers in the fields of ocean engineering, underwater machinery, environmental dredging, etc., and had successively established Industry – University – Research Collaboration relationship with Changsha Mining Industry Institute, Shanghai Environmental Science Institute, etc. Meanwhile, continually using external brain serving for company development, successively engaged international famous expert such as Italian, Hollander, etc., and experts from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences established company experts committee, to provide intellectual supporting and consulting services for company development. Shanghai Hansail is the excellent solution provider and operator in the fields of special ship designing and engineering services.

Shanghai Hansail Marine & Offshore, established in 2005, is a China National High Technology Enterprise focusing on advanced ship development with environment protection concept and is the leader in the field of China special vessels design and engineering service. 

For the design of special vessel, particularly for the harbor construction and dredging vessel, Hansail owns 70% market share of China. In the China subdivision market of special vessels used for infrastructure construction, special cargo carrier, energy-saving and environment protection vessel, Hansail is the No.1. 

In addition to traditional business, Hansail is currently aiming at ocean engineering field including environment friendly dredging, sea mining and LNG fuelled vessel. 

The R & D in Hansail is closely surrounded to marine “Energy” and “Resource” to develop differential vessels and supply service. Hansail has achieved many China First such as China first jack-up turbine installation unit, electrically propelled full rotation crane vessel, electrically propelled river container carrier, electrically propelled trawler fishing vessel and 2500 tons hydraulic jacking system. 

With the increasingly fierce market competition and upgrade of company products, Hansail Marine & Offshore focus on expanding international market of Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Latin America etc. and established branch offices in Singapore and Indonesia. Hansail won the bidding of LNG project in Singapore, and discussion of some sea mining and river way reconstruction projects are currently in progress with our Indonesia and Myanmar partners.

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