Special Vessels for Harbor Construction and Reclamation Project

Dredger, Crane Vessel, Concrete Mixing Vessel, Piling Vessel, Floating Dock, Jack-up Platform.

Sea Mining Vessel

Sea Zircon Mining & Separation Vessel, Sea Tin and Titanium Mining & Separation Vessel, Sea Titanic Iron Mining & Separation Vessel, Marine Exploration Platform, Marine Exploration Vessel.

LNG Vessel

LNG Carrier, LNG Bunkering Vessel, LNG Fuelled Vessel, LNG Power Generation Vessel, etc.

Offshore Oil Auxiliary Vessel & Wind Turbine Installation Unit

Platform Supply Vessel, Diving Support Vessel, Accommodation Barge, Liftboat, Wind Turbine Installation Unit, Cable Laying Vessel, Deep Sea Stone Dumping Vessel.

Water Environment Treatment Vessel

Environment Friendly Reservoir Dredging Vessel, Environment Friendly River Dredging Vessel, Hydrophyte Salvage Vessel, Oil Recovery Vessel.

Special Equipment Supplier

Dredging Equipment, LNG Gas Supply System Package, Jacking System,Sediment Dehydration Device.

17000m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

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Sea Mining Vessel

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Fire Boat

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